TCIM "The Choice is Mine"

Our Goal is to provide comprehensive Sober Living for gender specific ages 18 and older.

This unsurpassed Sober Living  experience will inspire our Individuals to awaken their own desires and commit to long-term change and make better choices.

·         Community Meetings

·         12-Step Components

·         Family Nights

·         Relapse Prevention based on             Big Book study

·         Motivational Interviewing                  based on the 12-steps

·         Art Therapy

·         Substance use therapeutic                Groups

We provide a nurturing, supportive Sober Living environment in which Individuals can receive the compassion and encouragement they need to move toward self-Discovery and Recovery. We direct the every step of the way, using the the community Partners like United Way 211, Someone Cares and Peer to Peer support.

It is important to us that everyone who is struggling with addiction understands: Recovery is possible. It begins when you seek help, and invest in self-love and self-awareness. Begin your own journey and have endless possibilities. 

Relapse Prevention exercises and Activities that keep you in Sober Living

Prevention means keeping a close eye on the warning signs. Relapse prevention involves understanding the situations, behaviors and emotions that trigger relapse. In some ways, returning home from rehab is one of the most challenging parts of the recovery process; it is during this stage that relapse becomes a concern. That is why TCIM Sober Living Place provides Individuals with a relapse prevention program by referrals, allowing Individuals to gradually transition back into regular life while receiving ongoing support and encouragement from sponsors, therapists and peers. Relapse prevention therapy begins with the creation of a detailed discharge plan. This plan provides Individuals with the resources they need to make a successful transition out of TCIM Sober Living Place Inc. and into their everyday life.

Additionally, we encourage Individuals to continue to meet with their outpatient counselor to assess what they need in order to get back to their own life.

Life Skills while learning Self Care

When a new Individual comes to TCIM Sober Living Place, Learning new Life skills are essential to maintaining sobriety. One of these skills are building healthy relationships with others. Another KEY factor is time management as this will help with boredom. Boredom can be a trigger for relapse. The first 30 days are important,because as the individual engages in their recovery, we consider that to be Phase I of their recovery. Phase II is designed to give Individuals the chance to remain at TCIM Sober Living Place and seek employment, Family Dynamics and lots more in a nurturing and supportive environment, where they can practice life skills before returning to the outside world and back with their families. This is all about building a bridge from the Old way of life to the next stage of life—that is, to daily sobriety and lifelong recovery. In Phase III, our Individuals will learn and practice the Life skill-sets they've learned, to live independently and to continue making recovery their top priority.

This offers unique benefits.

As Individuals remain in TCIM Sober Living Place, they also get to continue reaping the benefits of supportive environment with people going through similar struggles.

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